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Our PSA to inform the community around workplace wellbeing and what it takes to quickly recover from burnout

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Learn about what workplaces and companies are doing to support workplace wellbeing and a pulse around managing burnnout in the workplace

Did you know that burnout prevention and recovery are different? Gain insights, tools and exercises to support the burnout recovery journey

Burnout is a workplace phenomena and has deep systemic issues and collective beliefs that keep people stuck hurting their mental and emotional wellbeing.  Dive deep with stories of our wellbeing champions and strategies to overcome the need to hustle

It's challenging to understand how poor mental health impacts us, why it happens and what we can do about it.  So many just ignore the discomfort.  Learn what it takes to create deep relationships and effectively communicate and support our teams

Burnout and flourishing are on two sides of the same coin.  Learn how to be more human, feel alive and bring our full selves into our day to day.  Let us share the science around developing our potential for greatness

Let's discuss many of the latest topics from the lens of wellbeing in the news #PandemicRecovery #worklifeblur #GreatResignation #GreatReshuffle #NaomiOsaka  #lifeworkintegration #TraumaInformedCare #SocialDilemma #VR #AI

Featuring Our Speakers

Duncan So, Founder & Chief Catalyst
The Burnout Recovery Accelerator

Duncan is an expert in workplace wellbeing and burnout recovery, delivering clinical burnout retreat experiences to help workplace leaders quickly recover from burnout and empower their careers.  Having been a child of corporate burnout, it has led him professionally into the field of human flourishing for over a decade working on systemic social change projects.

He’s a social entrepreneur and change agent, on a mission to empower the we work with companies and communities on the path of business and social good. He’s a graduate from the University of Toronto in Engineering.  

In private practice, he is a Board Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, MER and Clinical Hypnotherapy with the Association of Integrative Psychology.

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“The webinar presented for the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Conference was so well done. The audience gained such valuable insights around indicators of burnout and challenges of recovery, taking a personalized approach for a burnout reset and demonstrated some great tools to gain a sense of calm. ” 

Jasmen Holt
Senior Program Director, The Best and Brightest

Our State of Burnout is a Growing Concern
And Needs Your Audience

“Today’s level of burnout is the result of an existing problem made exponentially worse”  - HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW


Feeling Burned Out

(YMCA Workwell Report 2021)


Turnover is Burnout Related

(Kronos Future Workplace Employee Engagement Series)

$125 Billion

Annual US Health Care Costs 

(Harvard Business Review)

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