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Trends and cultures of workplaces are constantly changing.  Like you, I'm always adapting and bring you some foundation pieces from our programs that make the biggest impact on workplace wellbeing and performance. 
The 4R's Framework to Workplace Wellbeing

Many HR leaders commonly focus on wellness in the form of prevention. This process will guide you to recognize the full spectrum of workplace wellbeing and how to take appropriate action to holestically address mental health in the workplace.

Overcome Workplace Burnout for Managers

Are you okay? I'm fine. Little trust and a stone-wall response. This guide will teach managers the process to effectively lead their teams to safely recognize mental health and performance challenges and be motivated to take recovery action with support.

Energy Audit Protocol for Burnout Recovery

Burnout related turnover is 100% preventable, even in toxic environments. This guide will help you uncover the destructive habits, events, people, triggers and emotions that drain energy so we can effectively intervene and turn it around.

Values Elicitation for Deep Motivation & Engagement

How often do we confuse workplace values for motivation and engagement? This guide will provide the missing link to uncover each individual's values criteria that neurologically generate motivation and map it to cultural norms and behaviors.

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